Zwarte lucht

And the Truth will set you free.

Truth is your Power


The Time of Reflection is over.

Start looking through your window.


I am Monique, 


I assist woman who seek the Truth.


If you’ve tried everything , I am here to tell you....

There is nothing wrong with you!


It’s time to let go of the fight.

And to Submit to your Genius.

If you feel a calling.

Contact me on how we can work together.


Shadow Alchemy

Have you been looking for healing mentally and physically for several years.
You know that one is inextricably linked to the other. 


After many studies, I have found some strong "tools" that I have come a long way with. 

But it always remained "managing" and something was always missing. 

And that doesn't feel like the truth to me.

But one thing led to another and now I have found the truth in the New consciousness.


Shadow Alchemy is your way to start and will lead and answer to a magical life.   
One that many need. 
Where the truth lies. 
And can only be found if you live according to the truth. 


                     New Consciousness


                   Egelantiersgracht 362

                        1015 RR Amsterdam


                           +31 640473168



Thank You