I invite You to believe in Your healing

             I assist You on Your journey to heal

                   To become Your healer

             So You cannot only heal Yourself

             But assist others on their journey 

I am Monique and I am born and raised in Amsterdam.


Since I was 16 years old.. I had an interest in spirituality, I wasn’t raised with a religion and because of spirituality always questioned WHY when I tried so hard to do my best, things weren't really working for me.

Things seem to be working agains me, instead of for me?  

Although I believed in positivity and to be good.


For a long time I thought that everything was my fault because everything is energy and I attracted it. 

And no matter how much I tried, it kept me in a loop of fear. 


But at a given moment. I got really sick and I was suffering from pain in my body.

The general practitioner advised me to take medicines, but I felt that I needed more than that.


That was a big change in my life. I decided to choose myself.

I went back to study, reading, workshops and practice.

I learnt about suppressed emotions, memories and old beliefs that did not serve me anymore.Everything went much better.

I decided to work full-time with body mind and spirit.


I started my practice full time. 

I distinguished myself not only through quality products and a beautiful and serene location, but also by taking the time to listen what was going on in my clients lives and there was always something not quite right. I also observed that no matter how much time and effort I used to relief their pain, it would almost always move or simply return.


I learned that, (chronic) pain is not purely physical but starts from a psycho/physical reaction


I love to explain this to others, how and why this is and what does work and how you can Implement this in your life and never have to suffer from pain and or health issues that are stress related anymore. And basically change your life.


I also like things scientifically substantiated. 


We are energetic beings. 


We share energy through our vibrational signal, like a radio.


When we are born from 0 till 7 years old, we observe and absorb 

through our senses. 


Smelling, hearing, touching, feeling, tasting and seeing.


During that time we have no or hardly any consciousness.


At that time our subconscious mind is developed.


After that we live on our ‘automatic pilot”.


Automatically on the information that we’ve observed from the ones that were around us. 


They're interpretations, pain, lacks and beliefs.


They become ours. Although we were whole initially.


We take upon their baggage, because we are venerable, we need love, food, shelter. That is our survival system.


Main thing is that we stay alive and well.


But deep down…there is something that tells us that there is something missing.

We feel we need to belong, we keep searching for confirmation, acknowledging . We want proof of that too.


Because when we don’t feel good and our body aches and we get sick.  

We feel that we are weak and not good enough.


Emotions arise like sadness, depression, anxiety.


Although we are whole.


It is just because that came through our senses those first years of our lives and the lives of our mother, father and their mother and their father and so on.


Our patterns, that we’ve implemented from others.


But we know now that we can change this, turn this around.

Because we’ve implemented them ourselves, Only You yourself, can turn this around.

Not only me, but doctors, coaches and therapists all over the world.


I have created my own system.. and I would love to assist You on your journey.


During this journey.


I work/use Trigger-point therapy.


Energy clearing. 


Scientifically Substantiated work


EFT technique

Through this technique you come into direct contact with your body and feelings.


This is a gentle and safe way to discover and let go of blind spots and blockages. 


Eft relaxes and learns to let go of energy.


Proponents say the tapping helps you access your body's energy and send signals to the part of the brain that controls stress. They claim that stimulating the meridian points through EFT tapping can reduce the stress or negative emotion you feel from your issue, ultimately restoring balance to your disrupted energy


Frequency therapy.  I work with Healy Resonance.


Healy is a holistic wearable micro current device that may support the relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness and relieve stress.. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind, body and spirit.


Through the science of quantum physics the Healy can measure your individual frequency via a quantum sensor – then deliver back to you customized and specific frequencies to realign your cellular, emotional and/or energy centers back into bioenergetic balance.

Access Consciousness/The Bars


MAP, by April 2021 I will be a certified MAP ( more about this beautiful technique later).

Cognitive therapy

Anxiety therapy



Like to learn more about EFT.

Try the free Guided Tapping Meditation