Massages Women Only

Giving a good massage is about a number of things. That is why we like to have a little chat, when you are here for the first time.


My service is high standart and effectively relieves stress and pain. 

We as massage therapists take responsibility.  Our hygiene, health and lifestyle are important and we would like to share this with our guests.


That is why I prefer to massage at our massage studio by appointment. I just don't not massively massage but take the time. 


You are of course welcome to pass by if you feel like a massage, or like more information.


Massage is a direct and quick way to get back into your body and experience intense relaxation.


However to tackle injuries and pain on the long run, other sources are necessary. Injuries and pain can occur due to sports accidents, incorrect posture or illness and stress.


If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, hyperventilation or headaches then we can help you with a holistic approach, for example through breathing techniques, meditation, confrontation and mirroring of body and mind working intuitive together.