DarkBlossom presents Divine Feminien Awakening women's sharing circle::


Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be fully in your body and free of all the chatter in your head?

In this afternoon we are offering a few hours of DelightFull, BeautyFull, WonderFull, PlayFull and a Women only sacred space for sharing and embodiment practices of the Divine Feminine. 


This day is hosted by Monique and Sarah of MindBodyStudio and facilitated by Blossom.We work with a fusion of elements from tantra, dance, yoga, energy work and sharing circles to create a safe container where each of you feel free to express yourself authentically and genuinely as you are in the moment. Sensual elements of meditation, movement, sound, touch and emotional release will be weaved into this unique journey.


The intention of this gathering is to guide you out of your head and into your heart, into connection with your inner landscape through creating a sacred ceremonial space that opens the energy of divine love and contains the safety of confidentiality and is free of any negativity.


The benefits of such a gathering with other women can be more confidence, understanding, feeling of connection to something greater than yourself, to your body, your feelings, to your sensuality, to your sexuality, to each other, to the collective.


As we work intuitively and with the energy of the group on the day itself, the contents of the day will present itself as it unfolds in an organic/orgasmic flow.


-A sharing circle is a tool that provides a safe environment for participants to speak about what they are thinking, experiencing and feeling. While the rest of the group listens patiently with compassion, each person is given an opportunity to share. It is a held and supported container and has a very clear structure and consists of the following blocks which the facilitator leads:


-The basic structure and what you can expect are:


*Opening:: Introduction & agreements



*Dancing/Embodiment practice

*Meditation/listening to mantras/singing 


*Closing:: harvesting insights & 




* Confidential: what happens in the group stays in the group

* Show up: Come as you are, showing up for you is the most important thing you can do

* Be on Time: welcome from 12:00 for tea and to settle in doors close @ 12:30!


-Date, time, place:

Sunday, July 18, 2021


Egelantiersgracht 362, 1015 RR Amsterdam


-Limited to max. 6 women:

- Register with Blossom or Monique

-Investment: €75 this includes: Herbal tea, healthy vegan snacks, and an amazing nourishing space and a free gift upon completion!

-What to wear// bring:

* Closed water bottle that can be placed on its side cushion

* yoga mat or blanket to sit & lay on

* pen & paper

* and an object that you would like to place in the center representing your intention

* Comfortable clothing that you can move freely and easily in and where you feel feminine and beautiful in

* Perhaps a poncho or blanket shawl to keep you warm and cosy



About me:: My name is Blossom Bamboo,

believer in the power of shadow work, space holder, empathic witness, infinite goddess, yogini, tantrica, mother, American expat, domestic and sexual violence survivor and recovered Christian, founder, facilitator and emotional liberation and well-Being coach at DarkBlossom Integral Tantric Therapy products, programs and services.

My passion is making love to life and witnessing transformation within individuals.

I found my way to woman’s circles & groups about 5 years ago and through my resistance because the pull was stronger, I went to my first one and have been on the epansive and empowering journey of re-connection with my feminine essence and women in general ever since.


“My life's work is to honor the great beauty all around you”

“I’d rather die living than live dying” 

Any questions?

Send me a message and let's get together.