EASY DOES         IT

     Good Energy


10 minutes

Start your day, the              right way

     Wake-up and
     activate your           bio- energy

It's not called "Easy Does it", for nothing....

You don’t need to sit still for hours..

Forcing to get into alignment.


Quality time should be fun & useful for you and should be satisfying.


Once you experience this, you’re ready for more.

Yes!! Let meditation come to you. 


The problem with “suppose” to relax you exercises:


  • Achieve a “certain” feeling.

  • Feels unnatural.

  • Classes does not always fit your schedule or mindset. 

  • Getting it right.

  • Too much physical or mental effort. 

  • Too much valuable time.


Is often frustrating, and that produces more adrenaline and stress hormones, and actually leaves you feeling busier....


Offers just less than what you really need.

Sometimes you simply don’t have time for meditations, affirmations, yoga or breathing.


Trying to fix stress or fatigue, can leave you feeling like a failure.


It's just frustrating and time consuming.


The monkey mind continuously sabotaging.

Still, something feels off, and needs to change.

Thinking is definitely not the solution.

The secret is to activate your Bio-Energy system.


That’s right!  We are energetic beings and you have a Bio-Energy system.


You can activate and store that energy. 


Easy Does it exercise, get you going within 10 minutes.


And energizes you for the whole day.

Whatever you like to do and makes you feel good, is what you deserve.

That’s what your Body Needs, valuable attention. 

Based on real knowledge. 


When you are "conscious" about your Life and Health.

You want to provide your body with the best possible response to its needs.

Especially when you’re ambitious about what you like to do.

You need your body, right?

Become a sustainable women. 

Well invested energy into your body.


Our body has a bio- energetic battery.

We are energetic beings


Energy/frequency is everything,  

ask Tesla and Einstein.



So what you are looking for, are exercises to support your body:


  • That will store your energy for the day.

  • Your body recognize as pleasure

  • Doesn’t feel like you’re in a competition with your body

  • Creates calm naturally

  • Will activate you to learn/do more of.


Therefor I’ve also added 5 bonus exercises, just because I know you’d like more after the first one.

That’s the secret ;-).

You won't find those “easy energy exercises combination with full step-by-step explanations anywhere else.


That’s why I created The Easy Does it body energy activation online program.

In this online course, I’ve collected my best 5 x 10 minutes Easy Does it Energy exercise activations 4 EXTRA BONUS exercises for you and explain them by step-by-step through clear videos and step-by step plans.

A total of 5 exercises that will satisfy all the points mentioned above.


With every exercise I will show you exactly on how to start with ease and expand it step by step


These "Juicy" exercises will give you instant pleasure and start developing yourself.


That is real and possible!  Sounds too good to be true?


After years of trying to meditate and achieve connection with myself..really trying to be present in my body.  Sometimes worked, but often failed.


Until I discovered bio-energy activations. 

Now, I pass them on to my clients when trying to explain them about Mind/Body connection.


When they start my program on how to relieve from chronic pains and stress related health issues,

They understand something needs to change. But Mind/Body connection huh? They just didn't get it.

It is hard to explain, when you don't know what is missing. You need to experience it.


Ones I introduced them to these exercises, they finally got it.


The thing is we experience through our senses.


That’s why “10 min Easy does it primary necessity activations, will guarantee you a better Quality life. 

Simply because they’re Easy.


Your body likes to take it easy.

Good energy is available for you, without struggling for it. I simply don’t believe in that.


The chances of not flowing in now are much lower, right?


Start your morning by activating your body naturally. 

Supporting your body with the energy you need for the day, leave you feeling with calm, and on top influencing your mindset in a positive way. 


This works, simply because you have a Bio-Energy system, you just need to learn how to activate it.


Ready to flow in?

White Earphones

What you get ...

The 10-minute Basic Bio-Energetic exercise.


5 additional Bonus exercises, because you'll want to do more : ).


Together these exercises are key to behavior change, that’s needed to create new routines. 

So that you can more easily take action when you suffer from too much adrenaline or fatigue or other stress-related symptoms.


What does the 10 minute Easy does it energy activation cost?

This program is the only one of its kind and - besides the content - it is also incomparable in price with for example classes else where.


So you don't pay a few hundred euros for a short course, but you will have all the ins and outs of these exercises (updates and so on), just because you are connected to me through your description.

You get access to my private facebook group, and you can schedule a 1:1 with me if you like more information or just because you feel like doing a exercise together with me .  : ) How cool is that? Pretty cool, right?

Who gets to do this? When buying a online video course. 


Exercises that you can keep doing and can keep watching as often as you want for only €84.95 once.