Helen Attia's testimonial 

              On the Mind Body Start Kit

1. Above all else, what was the #1 problem you were facing when you came to me for help?


A sense that I needed to connect more deeply with my body, rather than my mind running the show.


2. What feelings, questions, hesitations or concerns did you have about this problem in your life before our work?


I had an intuition I needed to do this work but felt doubt that it would actually change anything. I wanted to get clearer on what I want, better manage my boundaries and honestly just develop a more meaningful life for myself; meaningful to me regardless of what others may choose for themselves.


3. What made you choose to work with me instead of someone else or doing it yourself?


Monique and I had met through her massage treatments when I was pregnant and I felt a connection with her early on.


4. What did you find as a result of the Mind Body start kit and how did your day-to-day change as a result of working with me?


I know to listen to my body now, that original intuition was right. It’s a cliché but we do have the answers if we choose to slow down and listen. Day to day I have been able to cement my morning meditation and yoga practice - this might not be something for everyone, but I mention this because it’s about cementing what makes you feel good, that then drives the rest.


5. Why was it worth the investment you made?


For me it’s been a strong reminder to trust my intuition. The support Monique provides is so tailored that you will get something you need from this work. (Even if you don’t realize exactly what it is you need before you start).


6. What specific feature or benefit did you like most about the Mind Body start kit


Tools to connect in with me, to slow down and connect.


7. What are two or three other benefits you saw?


The work has helped me find that place of calm more regularly day to day, and bring a clearer focus to what matters to me.


8. Would you recommend my service to others? If so, why?

Absolutely. Because it all starts with us. If we can get closer to ourselves truly, which Monique is helping people do, we can “be the change”, whatever that means for each of us.


9. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you Monique! The work you do and your passion for it is hugely inspiring.