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MAP Method is a revolutionary method that teaches the brain to heal itself so you can live a positive life with a positive mind.


The MAP Method is a scientifically based method that uses the brain's capacity for neuro plasticity to reconsolidate and rewire long-term memories that are not advantageous to your success. Using the MAP Method the brain is able to replace the old negative connection with a new one that's positive or neutral, which leads to immediate changes and transformation in the way you think and behave. We have meticulously documented the outcomes of the MAP Method with neuroscientists assessing and measuring brain activity during MAP sessions. The results show that three important structures of the brain, necessary to create change, are positively activated and altered. The memory system is stimulated, as the memories are processed in a new way. The pain center's activity decreases as it regulates the emotion that is experienced with the old memory. And the limbic system, which is activated in response to fear, decreases in activity as the center calms. That means you get to neutralize the fear, dissolve limiting beliefs and stop self-sabotage any time you want with a simple and gentle technique that puts the power of transformation in your hands. The session can be done by zoom or face-time and lasts a maximum of 1.5 hour.

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