Having a hard time with meditation? Don't like Yoga?  Then Mind/Body active exercise/meditation is for YOU! 

Look, we all know by now, that meditation  "calms the Monkey Mind" and is really healthy and benefits our wellness.

But when meditation sounds like a lot of effort, it creates more stress rather than relaxation. 

Stress is actually not that bad, our body is strong and can cope with a lot. But we do need to support our body. 

We need to give it a break. I would like to share my morning power routine with you. I've been teaching this to many women and this works, even if you're too busy and don't have any time. The secret lies into the organic flow in your body.

Your body understands this.. Like for example animals do. We are energetic beings and ones you'll start with this...thinking stops naturally. Whether you wake-up tired in the morning or with an overload of adrenaline, these exercises can either be used to calm you down or spice you up for the day. 

Other benefits when you start with these exercises are helping you to create new routines, influence a positive mindset and activates body awareness during the day. Changing habits and building "healthy routines" is key to activate the lifestyle you desire. After all we are creatures of habit ...It all starts with breaking the habit.

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