Become more aware and present with

            the Life Energy in your body

   Receive yourself/be with yourself 

           without judgement or agenda

Mind Body

Source Being

Life Energy

Our lives are far too fast for us. We're a regular passenger car, but we have to act like a spitfire.  

All the time., but our brains have not developed this way...



We're still working with a brain that was driven with the primary objectives of safety and survival!


Our subconscious brain can't tell the difference, in these fast times.

 And so our attempts to grow, improve and be better are constantly thwarted by our subconscious brain. 


And since many of these different experiences feel unsafe to us, even though we don't consciously think so. 

We can doubt ourselves and don't feel confident of our abilities.


Study after study show that when you connect  mind/ body, the  body is brought back into balance leading to emotional well-being, increased levels of happiness, weight loss, increased focus and productivity, improved immune system  function and much more!

Unbalanced Mind/Body Connection

Maybe you suffer from unconscious fears, negative emotions or past experiences are sabotaging you?  You feel stuck?


Are you aware of your thoughts on a daily basis? Do they help you on your way to the solution, or do your thoughts keep you away from it? 

Often we put way too much effort by trying too hard, that is a limited way and taking all your energy. 


Honor your body

Take a break

More energy, radiance, vitality.


A completely different relationship 

with your body.

When you begin to choose from what you KNOW, instead of what you THINK, you align with your nature and embrace health and wealth.


                                                             Patterns and Old beliefs

Learning and recognize repeating patterns in your system.
That does not serve you anymore.



Do you feel you would like to make a change? 

  • Become more aware and present with the Life Energy in your body

  • Receive yourself/be with yourself without judgement or agenda.

  • Willpower is not the way. It is not about how to force yourself or to take action now!!         




Working through and with the mind/body is loving, soft and kind, especially if you are a women.


You are a receiver from nature. 


Through mind/body connection you can thrive in another way versus conclusion, judgement, suppression. 

                     It's not about self improvement

                 energy works the other way around                                                   Loves follows naturally