"Back where You belong"

As a practitioner

I experience that most people find it difficult to fully relax, even during a massage.

There is a kind of collective contraction.

People come for relaxation and pain/stress release but actually are in a time contraction and subconsciously want to continue taking action and above all keep up, afraid to be left behind. I usually manage to get people to surrender completely, so that they finally are in 'the moment'.

I call that 'back where you belong'.

We can't escape from stressful situations through the brain.

Our brain is genius and very useful when we have to bake a cake for example.

But if we only stay in our 'mind'.

We’re disconnected from our body and this causes contraction and pain.

Then we live out of fear, stress, anger, shame and frustration.

While our energetic body is many times more intelligent than our brain.

We simply have to make contact with our body through our senses, and just finally take time for ourselves.

And then I don't mean to go Netfixing but for example by touching ourselves.

Our face, hand, heart ..taking the time to do so.

A chemical reaction occurs in our body through which healthy substances come to the surface that calm our nervous system and strengthen our immune system.

A B C Always Be Connected

Personal training for inner and outer body... Function better and optimally. Concentrating and performing from the inside out. Easy! Not by fixing, judging, running, rushing and/or forcing.

Because that literally causes Pain. Pain in your hand arm leg cramp in calf.

Migraine bowel complaints and obesity. Overweight is seriously a mind problem.

Because we didn't learn the complete lessen during biology class, more and more people understand that when You want power back over your own body. You have to know HOW your body works, your health and your immune system. Mind and Body.

This is not a story anymore.

It's a choice.

You've got to get right back, from where you started from.

Back where you belong.

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