Energy field connection treatment

Reconnect with yourself, the earth and the whole universe.

We are connected to the universe, our planet and our body through energy.

The energy is a high vibration of energy that flows through an immense network.

You could imagine this energy as lines consisting of energy, information and light.

The energy that flows through these lines can keep our physical, emotional and mental bodies in balance.

During our evolution this connection has been damaged, weakened or almost shut off (a bit in a sleep state).

But we can rejuvenate this connection, restore it and open new connections.

Before we can fully connect, these lines must first be activated.

This happens during energy connection treatment so that the energy can flow freely again, which also activates the body's self-healing capacity.

During this connection your energy pathways with those of the earth and the universe will be restored and/or fine-tuned.

You could compare it with searching for a transmitter on the radio. You adjust your radio to the right frequency so that the music is well received and the sound waves can move without disturbance.

The connection ensures that this frequency becomes free of 'noise' again, energy can flow again and the healing power of the body is activated.

It is never possible to tell in advance whether the energy treatment works exactly for a certain complaint or in the way you expect. And sometimes it takes a while before the effect of the healing is noticeable.

But what is certain is that it works on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

"If you are lucky, your healing will come in the form you had hoped for. If you are truly fortunate, your healing will come in a form that you hadn't even dreamed of - a form that the Universe had in mind especially for you. - Dr Eric Pearl

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