The Mind-Body Connection: Not Just a Theory Anymore

Updated: May 16, 2020

Stress can be caused by bad and good things in life. It's part of life. Only often we don't know how to deal with it.

We do know that we have to eat healthy and that exercise is good for us.

But when it comes to suppressed emotions, that remains difficult. It becomes even more difficult when stress and suppressed emotions can be the cause and have an impact of how the mind can influence the disease processes.

And it's exactly that what it takes for us to connect energetically with our bodies and our health.

When I read that most pain is caused by repressed emotions... I immediately thought, that's it! I felt it, because I'd already tried everything. Instinctively, I have always looked for solutions in the most natural way possible. Nevertheless, I also needed medication and had some operations behind me and if there were no medics, I would be dead by now. But when it comes to a situation that is not directly death threatening, then I would like to solve it naturally. So I have tried all kinds of things, mind-fullness, anxiety management, acupuncture, dry-needling, herbs, anthroposophical medicine, homeopathic treatments, reiki, sports, yoga, healthy nutrition, diets, mediation etc.. It did help me to get rid of some symptoms, but then another thing would pop-up. Why all that didn't help me to the core, I know now, is because I suffered from suppressed emotions. Only, I was not aware of that. I've had already had 3 years of therapy and I was told that I had to move on with my life. It goes on and on. Sometimes it goes well for a while and then it goes wrong again and when everything goes wrong and it feels as if everything and everyone is against you and and on top you start to suffer from chronic pain or other problems (in my case) high blood pressure. Then you should knock on the door of the doctor right? Because high blood pressure is threatening. The high blood pressure made me even more nervous or if I had to measure my blood pressure, my adrenaline shot all the way up. But when my doctor told me to take medication, I felt and thought...I'm not going to do this. They call high blood pressure 'the silent killer' because not everyone notices that they have it. You think you live a "normal life" while your blood pressure is high. But I know my body well. And I felt like I wasn't breathing well, I was restless, suffering from rashes, headaches, and bowel problems. I knew that I didn't always have the happiest thoughts, but I thought that was normal and I was just like everyone else.

I also didn't realized I had blind spots. And I did not know that we have an Amygdala who is involved in experiencing, processing and directing different emotions, our primal brain that is created first during the cell division of the brain, next to our cardiovascular system and our digestive system