`Not healing from lack, but awakening to our ever present wholeness'

Energy, frequencies , vibrations..doesn't really sound like anything out of your everyday life. However, it does, and it is very decisive for our health and well-being.

After years of treating people with all kinds of techniques, there is one thing that has become clear to me and that is that everything is energy and that healing is about energy.

Of course I'm happy with all the knowledge and techniques I can apply to help people get rid of chronic pains within minutes.

But when I got into energy-work, it really explained everything to me.

Energy is all about being available and feeling what is available.

That's when the collaboration starts.

We can heal ourself and we can heal each other.

Mushrooms have a great healing mechanism. When one does not function well, then the others take action to heal that one in order to restore the whole collective.

That is actually the way it is with us. We are part of the organism.

We need each other.

When connecting with emotions/energy and feel the blockages in your body dissolving, You'll immediately understand and feel that we're connected and You'll learn that we are actually whole at first.

Only through incorrect patterns and beliefs, our pure wholeness is disturbed.

We often feel that that something is missing, we can feel lost.

We feel something is wrong when our body aches and feel all the sensations

and warnings signals in our body, relationships around us in the life we're living.

Affirming that something is wrong.

Funny enough, it is actually not!

These signals are just giving us direction to connect

with it, in order to get back to our wholeness.

Deep down everybody knows their worth.

Therefor healing is never from lack or about fixing and

healing only works from love.

Monique Meijer

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