Yin Massage

Intense slow flow experience.. includes a belly massage(women only).

  • 45 minutes
  • 75 euro
  • Egelantiersgracht

Service Description

YIN Massage is a connecting healing touch and helps to explore deeper layers and themes in the body and gain insight into the cause and background of tensions and complaints. For example, when it comes to the cause, we look at events and patterns from the past, which may not yet have been processed and have become fixed in the body. Admitting and processing fixed emotions and breaking through thought and behavior patterns, ensure that tensions can be released and that tensions / complaints are greatly reduced or disappear completely. A YIN Massage gives you: space and balance vitality (eg fatigue and / or recovery from illness) Awareness/wholeness contact with the body and feelings insight into unprocessed emotions insight into the deeper cause and meaning of your complaints

Contact Details

  • Egelantiersgracht 362, Amsterdam, Nederland