Fit Your Frequency

Amongst the thickest forests lie the most delicate gold threads. Laced between the trees. Gold spiders provide these materials for conjuring the most elegant pieces of couture.

Scales, picked up from the ground as dragons shed each season. Snakes too. All woven together to create a masterpiece.

Here, The Style Coder lives. And she doesn't just weave you a fabulous dress. She codes you with immortal style that fits your frequency for life.


Resurrected from the neglect of vanity.

And the forgotten power of impressing through our appearance.

About the super frequencies of how you present yourself visually.

And what impact that has. An impact that is rarely seen anymore, because vanity is a sin and our appearance has become Shallow.

The Style Coder is about the difference between being resigned to your appearance or choosing the full vital vibration of your outer being.

You are the living art.

You are not the same as another, you carry unique codes that ask to be exposed.

It is not about whether you are up to date in fashion or whether your body should look like the perfect woman or man, but about the highest quality of YOUR appearance.

You can no longer ignore these unique outer codes if you want to stand out and make yourself clearly visible.

A total misunderstanding has been created by accepting Collective standards.

Standards that are based on the lower frequencies of our human existence.

The Style Coder activates your unique codes and crafts them into your diamond style.

Gods know how powerful their appearance is.  

If you look at history, it is only about showing off, getting bigger and more. More beautiful and imposing. The finest materials and best fabrics. Pure quality.

But now we allow ourselves to be distinguished by thinking we do not possess these powers.

Therein lies the downfall of our beauty.

It's all about the radiance of your unique codes,

that arises from your Genius.