The Dress Code,


For every-body who’s done with a lesser expression of the true self.


Wants to start fashioning from front to the back end of their codes.


Ready to transform to Pure Appearance.


Bored with regular styling.


Wants to hold up to their highest dressing standards.


Prefers their own unique codes to improve visually online.


Done with questioning your physical appearances .

Done with questioning about your current dress code appearances.


Demands to strike the tone for a special occasion.

*Tailored Business Frequency

*Partner dating appearance frequency.


Everybody who loves to learn more about their art and taste.


Be the Big Bang showing up..


Let your appearance be the disruption from a new nothingness other than from empty frequencies used over and over again.

Only then you’ll craft new frequencies.


Pure new frequencies provide you with codes who speak for themselves.


This is not a new concept, this is source.

From the big black hole, when there was nothing.

To disruption….where it all starts.


This is how we create…over and over again.

Pure consciousness energy power is here.


Step into your Portal Wardrobe.

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Monique Brand Art - Instagram_edited.jpg
Monique Brand Art - Instagram_edited.jpg
Gold ornament left.webp
Gold ornament left.webp