Maybe you think that your pain is purely physical.


It's just not true. 


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If you experience pain, then it is possible that it is caused by trigger points ..It is best to have it removed because 1 point causes other points causing blockages in your body and your blood can't flow properly.

The Reality Reset Trigger-point Trajectory is about understanding your psycho/physical reaction. 

Maybe you don't just suffer from one pain alone, but do you feel pain somewhere else as well?  

That's because there are several trigger points hidden and they trigger each other. 

Maybe you are worried because you feel pain in your chest (which is also often caused by a trigger point). 

And or does it move? Maybe first in your chest and then in your neck? 

Unconsciously it worries you and makes you insecure and stressed. And also very annoying and painful! 


It is also important to look at your mind/body that you can find out more clarity and more about yourself and what causes that pain in you (psycho/physical reaction) and look for Trigger-points and remove them.

The Reality Reset Trigger-point Trajectory is an effective way to gain relief of your pain complaints in the short term.

Reality Reset is a thorough, mind-body trajectory to overcome long-term (pain) complaints and stress. Neck-pain, shoulder-pain, back-pain, headaches, migraines. But also skin-irritations, digestion problems and more.


Scanning and removing blockages (Triggerpoints) will not only free you from your pain, but will make you understand  your mind/body connection better.                                                                              


This one on one approach, removing blockages in your body can be a next step toward calming the nervous system and dealing with ‘unpleasant feelings', blockages, negative emotions and stress.

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